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helena Koskenranta-Boncoeur

Helena Koskenranta-Boncoeur arrived in Paris from Finland in 1988 to continue her studies after graduating with a Bachelor's degree in tourism management. Helena earned a Master's degree from the Sorbonne and became an official guide in Paris in 1994. Helena has vast expertise in the arts, including paintings and sculpture, and she is interested in military history. To relax after a hard day of touring art and military sites, Helena enjoys jogging, Nordic walking, history and Italian art. She performs translations and interpreting in Finnish-French and Finnish-English.


Minna Larkovirta arrived in France in 1998. Minna originally studied to become a translator in Moscow and she has passed the official French guide certification. She hails from Helsinki, Finland. Minna's interests span literature, languages, foreign travel, swimming and jogging. Minna lives in Versailles. Languages spoken: Finnish, Russian, English and French.


Pirkko arrived in France in 1970 to study French. Since then she has live in France and has worked in the travel industry in several different capacities. She has been a guide since 1992. Pirkko has studied English, French literature and art history in French universities. Her free time is spent in art galleries, enjoying long walks, exercising and going to concerts. Art and culture are close to her heartstrings. Pirkko has special knowledge of French agriculture, art and architecture. Languages spoken: Finnish, English, and French.

Raija Mongiat

Raija Mongiat moved to France in 1977 after having worked as an English teacher in Finland for a few years. Raija has a Master's degree in English. She has both French official guide certification and a degree from the Louvre School of Art History. Needless to say, Raija's special area of expertise is art history, and gastronomy and wines are also a great passion. Languages spoken: Finnish, French and English.


Lea Nousiainen arrived from Finland to France in 1973 to study the French language, since already as a school girl she felt a passion for France - especially French music and literature. Since then France has been Lea's second homeland. Lea currently lives in the Paris suburbs. Among her favourite activities are her annual skiing holiday to Chamonix, exercising, the cinema, literature and museums. Lea's interests include French etiquette and manners. She has operated as a guide for over 20 years. Languages spoken: Finnish and French.

HELENA Wallenius

Helena Wallenius arrived in France in 1981, and has worked as a tourist guide in the South of France since 1986. After her arrival in France she began acting as a year-round guide. Helena has a Master's degree in both the humanities and business. Helena's leisure time is spent with sports and modern art. Along with modern art, Helena is especially interested in horticulture and gardens and takes care of interpreting for special visits. A true language whizz, Helena speaks Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Italian, Spanish and French.

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